In the Field

Nov 4

It’s freeing because one obstacle we faced as two visual journalists working together was that most often we were experiencing the same situations visually, although subjectively, and we were conscious of interfering with each others compositions and work styles. The phone eliminated that to a degree and neither of us really knew when the other was making an image. You lift the phone, frame, and move on. Discreet and instantaneous.

Presented here is a collection of our work side by side. Most of them are street scenes that highlight life in Nepal, though not necessarily about water rights.

We chose to present them side-by-side to recognize our shared experience, yet prove that whether it’s through a DSLR camera or smartphone, a photograph is made by the relationship between the photographer and the subject matter and not the device.

— Excerpt from “iNepal: Two Photographers, Same Device” in Pulitzer Center Untold Stories. Photos and story by Jennifer Gonzalez and Steve Matzker. Nepal, 2013. Keep reading and see more photos here.